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Meniscus repair. Why repair?

Here at New Edge Orthopedics, LLC we strongly live by the principals of joint preservation, which means that as much as possible, ALL meniscus tears should be repaired, contrary to the majority of arthroscopic meniscus tear treatment performed by orthopedic surgeons in the area being partial menisectomy and total menisectomy. Partial or total menisectomy means to remove partial or the entire meniscus that is torn.
Evidence based medicine in the current orthopedic surgery literature depicts that any loss greater than 50% of medial or lateral meniscus leads to advanced accelerated early degenerative joint dz / arthritis development. (I will get the research articles)

Historically, total menisectomies were carried out routinely by orthopedic surgeons as treatment for meniscus tears but as these young patients began to develope early onset terrible arthritis, there was a focus on understnading why. This led to the data and research that supports meniscus repair as much as possible.

We’re in the process of creating marketing YouTube videos describing memories repairs with a co that makes meniscus repair implants next month. When this is completed, i will get a copy to you to add to this section.

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