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Custom tailored ACL repair surgery

A true breakthrough in the treatment of ACL complete and partial tears recently in the past 5 years has been the success of primary ACL repair. Ultimately the advantage of ACL repair vs reconstruction = less surgery, quicker recovery, less pain than traditional ACL reconstruction.

Dr. El-Gazzar is one of the few orthopedic surgeons in the Northeast able to offer this cutting edge minimally invasive treatment option to his patients. ACL repair is a custom tailored approach to each patient’s unique ACL injury that focuses on the preservation of the native remnant torn ACL as opposed to the traditional reconstruction of the torn ACL.

ACL repair entails passage of suture through the native remnant torn ACL and reattaching the torn ACL to its attachment sites at the femur.
In Contrast, ACL reconstruction involves resection/ debridement of the native remnant torn ACL fibers, creation & drilling of tibial and femoral tunnels, the passage of new ACL graft, and fixation under tension to the femur and tibia. (I will send you links to the research supporting good outcomes and links to animation videos explaining ACL repair vs reconstruction.

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